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The medicines can include drugs to treat seizure disorders (eg, carbamazepine, phenytoin), drugs to help calm or sleep (sedating drugs/antidepressants), and even drugs used to treat inner ear infections (eg, gentamicin, streptomycin). Natural ways to overcome this problem can take time.For the body to feel balanced, the brain requires input from the inner ear, eyes, muscles, and joints. One of the most common causes of dizziness is inner ear disorders.Since mechanisms for maintaining balance are so complex, finding the exact cause of dizziness is often difficult and requires input from several medical specialties. However, it may be the result from problems associated with the inner ear, brain, or heart. These disorders include: Medications are a common source of dizziness.Common Dramamine side effects include dry mouth and difficulty urinating.Some dogs experience a lose of appetite, vomiting and/or diarrhea. Discontinue Dramamine, AKA Gravol, if it causes your dog to vomit.Senthil tells her the truth about Ram, that there were two sides to him.

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She is then disowned by her family by her mother and she lands up at Ram's door.

Dramamine has long been used for dogs with travel sickness.

It’s fairly safe when properly dosed, but sometimes there are side effects.

Dizziness is defined as feelings of unsteadiness, wooziness, and lightheadedness; and sensations of moving, spinning, floating, swaying, tilting, or whirling (sensations known as vertigo).

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These sensations occur even when standing still or lying down.That technique is obviously preferred to an antiemetic like Dramamine. In reasonable amounts, it has properties that relieve nausea.